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  • Mary Ann Geier

    Mary Ann Geier

    Digital project manager, boot strapper, greasing the wheels of change wherever I go. Fan of UX, learning, Philly, and grit.

  • Naldo Lopes

    Naldo Lopes

    Just another one…

  • Osvald Martret

    Osvald Martret

    Father interested in entrepreneurship technology, transportation, sustainability, design, green and smart cities.

  • Mike G

    Mike G

  • Meratas


    Meratas provides a complete software solution to design and manage Income Share Agreements (ISA) programs proven to increase enrollment

  • Randy Olson

    Randy Olson

    Senior Data Scientist, @UPennIBI. #MachineLearning & #AI. Data tinkerer. Community leader for @DataIsBeautiful. #OpenScience advocate.

  • James Isilay

    James Isilay

    Founder Cognism

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