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  • Bryan Johnson

    Bryan Johnson

    Founder & CEO @KernelCo . Also founder @OSFund & @Braintree / @venmo

  • Exastax


    Transforming how you work with data

  • Nishtha H. Dalal

    Nishtha H. Dalal

    Writer of The Product Design Interview · Product designer @etsy, ex @meetup @okcupid @mint http://www.nishthadalal.com

  • Dominic Monn

    Dominic Monn

    Deep Learning Engineer & Maker.

  • Kouassi Konan Jean-Claude

    Kouassi Konan Jean-Claude

    Machine Learning Engineer (Udacity), Passionate of Cognitive Computing Research, Artificial Intelligence Ph.D. student at BIU.

  • Siraj Raval

    Siraj Raval

    Data Scientist, Author, YouTube Educator, Rapper, Director of The School of AI

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