After I finished my master of science, I wanted to get another Master degree — in fact the MBA. My goal was simply to get a broader overview of the latest methods and models in business.

My research shows my a lot MBAs all over the world from small budget to very high budget.

But the curriculum was almost the same — everywhere. And also not actually I wished. Why is it so difficult to develop a MBA curriculum which is actual? It seems that the business schools out there only want MBA students without giving them the skills for the current VUCA world.

My main questions are the following:
- Why isn’t there an MBA that always grows with the students?
- That uses new, up-to-date methods and models. And that can react agilely to market conditions?

I found a few bestseller books like Josh Kaufman’s “The Personal MBA: A World-Class Business Education in a Single Volume” also the AlternateMBA of Seth Godin’s, the RealLife MBA of Jack Welch. And also my personal Favorit at the moment — the powerMBA.

But why isn’t there a business school which develops a great MBA program for the future?

First you have to solve a problem of the customers. Is this a problem?

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