Udacity All Access Plan

2 min readSep 19, 2023

I had the intention to refresh my programming skills a few weeks ago.
A few years ago I did JAVA (Java 2.4), J2EE and Ruby. With Java 2.4 you can also guess when that was….

Anyway, I wanted to start programming again “Just 4 Fun” without having a new job in mind.

I went to Udacity, because they offered the best performance for the money. However, the courses I wanted to take were not cheap.
Other platforms that advertised 44 euros per month looked more lucrative. Backend Developer in a course tailored by META. It looked exciting. But 44 euros and the hustel to quickly scurry through a course to save money was not in my mind.

I wanted to do at my leisure and on the side just 30 minutes a day. Every day — until at some point I don’t feel like it anymore. After all, I’m still studying cybersecurity in my master’s program. So it has to fit in 30 minutes a day and should also be flexible. 30 minutes always works !

So I initially decided against Udacity with the nanodegrees and the other platforms.

I have to add that I love Nanodegrees from Udacity !
I have already successfully completed one and also got a Google Scholarship for Mobile Web Development in 2019.
I have never learned so much programming in a short time. Only self-taught with many hours of debugging and try and error you learn more.

But back to the topic.

I decided against Udacity because an investment of this amount for a field cannot bring me the value I would like to have.

I wanted flexibility and independence and the whole thing at an affordable price, please.
Also, I wanted to get the regular small degrees — nanodegrees.
These are little candies on the learning path to lifelong learning. I love that. Little Goddies as road markers.

The decision to do nothing remained for now. I wanted to fully focus on my Master’s in Cybersecurity. During the master thesis I could still refresh my programming skills.

All Access Program
Then the All Access Program arrived in my mailbox. Okay 249$ was really steep, but still cheaper than the Nanodegree I had chosen.
But it met my requirement for lifelong learning and the flexibility to do any nanodegree I want.

So I enrolled in Udacity’s All-Access program and can spend my 30 minutes each day working on my Udacity Cybersecurity ND — complementary to my Master’s.

And if at some point I need short term Product Design Skills, Project Management Skills or Leadership Skills, I can do a Udacity Nanodegree on that too without giving up anything. I learned a new skill within a few months.

Thank You Udacity and Thank you for the offer ….